Sell My House Fast San Diego Tips

sell my house fast San DiegoThere are numerous ways to increase your chances of selling you home fast in San Diego.

While the easiest way of doing that is lowering the price, most people are not willing or can’t afford to do that.

If you are one of them, you may want to check out these low or no cost sell my house fast San Diego tips.

sell my house San DiegoKeep The House Clean

We have put this one first since it is the most important as well as the least expensive. You need to keep your house clean so that you will not have a problem eating off every surface.

Keeping the house clean at all times may be a pain, but I can guarantee that you won’t sell your home as fast as if you do not keep it clean and neat. You can also consider using professional cleaners for proper cleaning.

sell my house San Diego

Get Rid of Junk

Yes, you love all your items, and that’s the reason why you have so many of them. However, no one viewing your home wants to see any of your stuff lying around as it makes the space look messy and confined.

If you cannot part with your old stuff for good, consider getting a friend to store them for you or rent a storage unit until you move to your new space.

sell my house San Diego

Depersonalize The House

When decluttering your home, you will also want to remove every picture that no one else would want in their house. You may think that your four years old’s photo of Santa is cute, but nobody else would hang it on their wall. That also applies to the 12 by 15 picture of your grandmother hanging in the hallway.

sell my house San Diego

Clear Out The Closets

Most people like big closets and the best way to ascertain this is by decluttering them. Just pick out the clothes that you need and put the rest into storage.

sell my house San Diego

Make The House Smell Good

When you clean your house, it should smell better, but if you have lingering odors, then a simple clean may not be enough. If you were away and come back home and smell something bad, anyone viewing your home will think it smells way worse that you do.

That being said, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner and pay extra for odor removal. You can ideally rent a room odor eliminator that cleans up the air. If all this fails or just want to add a homey touch, bake some cookies before every showing.

Your house will not only smell better, but you will have some cookies to please the visitors.

sell my house San Diego


As well all know, there is never another chance to make a first impression. This statement holds true for when you want to sell your house fast. When people visit your home, you want them to come inside and see what you have to offer.

A quick look at the condition of your outdoors will determine whether it’s worth going inside. You do not have to spend a fortune to maintain the landscape, but ensure that the grass is short, flowers are properly taken care of and weed the landscape.

sell my house San Diego

Use a Sell My House Fast San Diego Company

If you do not have the comfort to wait for a buyer while you make the home appealing, you may want to use a Sell My House Fast San Diego investor.

These investors do not care about the condition of the home and will make an offer within a few days. If you are in debt, facing foreclosure or need quick cash, this is perhaps the most viable option.

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