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So far….

The weather was quite pleasant today; highs around 18C with winds from the S 15-20 mph. At times it almost felt warm up there!

There were a number of firsts today: Turkey Vulture (1), Cooper’s Hawk (1), Red-shouldered Hawk (1), American Kestrel (1) and dark morph Rough-legged Hawk (1). Also recorded today were 98 Bald Eagles, 79 Red-tailed Hawks, 22 Northern Harriers, 3 Golden Eagles and 7 Rough-legged Hawks.

Not too much in the passerine department. A flock of about 15 Snow Buntings landed briefly in the first hour of the count.

There were quite a few visitors today, including several Copper Country Audubon Society members. It was great to have more eyes on the busiest day (so far). The weather looks good for the next couple of days, so hopefully the movement continues!


Red-tailed Hawk- 29 March by Skye Haas

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Yesterday was very windy! Average wind speeds were in the high 20’s, with gusts over 50 MPH.

The flight was heaviest midday (about 11-1). About 40 Bald Eagles flew through, most went right through the valley. 8 Red-tails were also recorded as well as a single Golden Eagle and male Northern Harrier.

Perhaps due to the strong winds at the peak, passerines were nearly non-existant. However, in the 2nd hour a Western Meadowlark suddenly appeared in front of me. It hid on the leeward side of the hill for about an hour.

More south winds today. Hopefully it’s a little calmer!


I couldn't keep my scope upright in the winds even strapped to a 30 lb office chair!

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Goldens Galore!

Weather: High 3C; winds primarily from the South to SSE; mostly sunny

There was a fair deal of movement today. It was definitely the biggest Red-tailed Hawk and Golden Eagle day of the year. The count ended with 25 Red-tailed Hawks, at least 5 different Golden Eagles, 2 Merlins and about 40 Bald Eagles. The local ravens did a good job of chasing the Golden’s out of the valley (below). The day also ended with over 50 Common Ravens.

We were treated to lunch today of fresh-grilled (on the mountain!) by Don from Dollar Bay. A great and much appreciated break from the PB&J. So if you’re coming up the mountain to visit, don’t be afraid to follow Don’s lead! Also, Bill and Bonnie from the Tamarack Inn of Copper Harbor¬† stopped by. It’s great to have company up there.

South winds continue through the week, so hopefully some more species will blow in.

Juvenile Golden Eagle chased by Common Raven. Photo by Skye Haas.

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Howdy all,

Bald Eagles were really moving today with a high count of 66 birds headed east up the Keweenaw. Things were pretty slow for the first part ofthe day, but the second half of the count had these pulses of eagles moving up the ridge. Several times there were kettles of a dozen or more Bald Eagles over the count shack. The only other raptors seen were singles each of Northern Goshawk and Golden Eagle. Common Ravens were also streaming through with a total of 44 for the afternoon.  A flock of 13 Canada Geese crossing the Lake Medora gap were the first waterfowl for the season and a total of 5 Bohemian Waxwings were also seen.

Bald Eagle

I spent some time birding around Copper Harbor this evening, an American Tree Sparrow in Wescoat’s field was a returning migrant, and a Merlin was patrolling town. Perhaps the most interesting sighting of the day was a 1st cycle Great Black-backed Gull by the Herring Gull rookery in the harbor, this is only the 3rd County record.


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Howdy all,

Interesting day on the Mountain- south winds, but the birds were late in arriving. The day started out pretty blustery and cold, but by the end of the day the wind died down and a small but steady stream of eagles began to drift down the ridge. Totals included 20 Bald Eagles, 2 Golden Eagles, 3 Red-tails, a nice adult Goshawk and the first Merlin of the season.

First Merlin!

Passerines were kept down by the wind, but a Robin came by at the end of the day and a flock of unidentified finches chose to fly through when we were looking at the Goshawk. More south winds tomorrow, could be good as long as it doesn’t rain (or snow)!

Golden Eagle

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Shut Out

Today winds were strong from the north, gusts over 20 MPH, temps were around -15C, and visibility was less than 5 miles due to blowing snow for the 2 hours I was on the mountain.

Needless to say, there was nothing moving. But the shack sure was nice for those two hours (thanks Joe Y)!

Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer, with south winds. So hopefully there’ll be some movement.


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Just a few notes from yesterday, the 24th:

Nearly 20 Bald Eagles, 6 Red-tails,2 Goshawks, 2 Golden Eagles and Another male Northern Harrier.

I’m expecting the third species of buteo any day now, but I’m not expecting much today. Highs forecast for today are 29F, with 20+ MPH winds!

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