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Howdy all!

It was so great to get back up to the top of Brockway. Arthur Green, Greg Cleary & I headed up the Mountain to assemble the counter’s shack. Brockway Mt. Drive is still snowed in from the winter leaving us but one option for the day- saddle up the sleds!

Of course, many thanks must go to Ken Stegers (the proprietor of the Pines Resort) for helping house Arthur and getting snowmobiles for KRS to use. Be sure and stop in his place for some hot food when you come up for some hawk-watching later this spring!

Not to be melodramatic, but it was pretty harsh up there when we got to the West Bluff overlook. A strong northerly wind off the lake with a heavy snow was challenging to say the least, we could barely even see the bottom of the valley. Also “amusing” was the discovery that the tarp covering the shack pieces had been shredded over the winter, but thankfully the wood was not too frozen to the ground.

Thankfully nothing had warped too bad, and after a few hours of digging, hauling and assembling the shack began to take form. A gang of passing snowmobilers were drafted to help get the heavy roof up and no one got frost-bite!

Well, of course the big question, were there any birds??

No raptors were seen, but a small flock of flyover Redpolls passed by and just before we left for the day a Barred Owl hooted from the valley. South winds are forecasted for the rest of the week so hopefully this count will start with some migrants! Tune back in to get Arthur’s report from opening day (Tuesday!).

Welcome to da Yoop Arthur!

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Howdy Brockwayphiles,

It is an exciting time here at the Keweenaw Raptor Survey. The U.P. may be still locked in snow and ice, but the start of the spring count is fast approaching and we have been a bustling to make sure everything is ready for our sophomore year of the project.

First the big announcement- We are delighted to welcome Arthur Green to KRS as our spring counter for this year. Arthur comes way of New York State and the Chestnut Ridge Hawk Count conducted by the Bedford Audubon Society.

Arthur Green- Spring 2011 KRS Hawk Counter

There have been other personnel changes this year as well. Joe Youngman has stepped down from the management committee with Dana Richter graciously filling the vacancy. We are indebted to Joe for all his hard work over the past two years, and are very thankful that Joe will continue on as a volunteer with the project. Dana had already been extremely helpful during the creation of KRS and continues to invaluable with his assistance to the committee. Head on over to the Who We Are page for more information about Arthur, Dana and the rest of the KRS team.

I have been able to do some updating of our website with results from the spring 2010 season on the Brockway Raptors page, as well as a 2010 photo gallery on our Media page.

Finally, this project is run solely through grants and donations from people like you. If you have not contributed before, or would like to donate again to the project please click here or go to the Donate tab on your right. Thank you for all and anything you are able to contribute to KRS to ensure we are able to conduct our planned 2012 Spring Season!

Check back here soon for more updates- only 39 days to the start of the count!!!

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Greeting Keweenaw Raptor Enthusiasts!

A juvenile Broad-winged Hawk

It’s been too long since we sent out an update about the project. First off, much thanks must go to Max Henschell who did a wonderful job as our debut counter. With all fledgling projects, we didn’t always have our next move planned out too far in advance, and Max’s willingness to work with us as the season unfolded was appreciated greatly. There were a few curve-balls thrown over the course of the spring, but Max maintained a great spirit and was very dedicated to the count.

Thanks too must go to Copper Country Audubon, Laughing Whitefish Audubon and Michigan Audubon for all their help and support. All played crucial roles in making sure this project was a success!

Finally I want to thank all the local residents of Copper Harbor, Keweenaw County, the UP and beyond for their support of the project and towards Max. Particularly kind was all the treats and lunches brought to a working bird bum and for the great company everyone was exemplary! Special thanks must go to Ken Stiegers at the Pines Resort for helping us with housing for Max, as well as the lending of his snowmobile so Max could get up the Mountain early in the season. Also thank you to Bill and Bonnie Degowski at the Tamarack restaurant for always being willing to feed or get the counters coffee before they were even open for the day! YOU WERE ALL WONDERFUL AND THANK YOU!

Looking ahead


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Weather: Winds West from 10-20 MPH (gusts >25); High 7C, mostly sunny skies.

Well, I’ve made it to the shack the last two days. Conditions are definitely different from there (WINDY!). The challenges of the wind are starting to become apparent, and I have no doubt I’ll see much stronger winds! Thankfully it isn’t bitter cold…

Today the first Northern Harrier flew past in the 3rd hour and the first Sharp-shinned Hawk showed up in the second hour and landed in the shrubs to the north of the shack. Another Northern Goshawk today as well; the first was yesterday (photo below).

Other highlights today include 88 west-bound Bald Eagles, most of which were adults and 2 Golden Eagles, both “escorted” out of the valley by the resident ravens, 30 Snow Buntings on the top when I pulled up and 15 Bohemian Waxwings still flying around up there. Perhaps the most interesting was the calling Northern Saw-whet Owl at 10 am in the valley to the south of the summit.

Cooler weather starts tomorrow, along with winds forecasted to change from W to N as the day progresses. Each day has brought a new raptor species; I wonder what will show up tomorrow?

Juvenile Northern Goshawk 17 March 2010

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Northern Hawk Owl - Skye Haas

Northern Hawk Owl - Skye Haas

KRS encourages you to attend the following events in 2010:

  • The 2010 Ornithological Congress, April 7 – 10.  MiBCI
  • Spring Fling 2010, a celebration of Spring migration at Whitefish Point, April 23 – 25.  Whitefish Point Bird Observatory
  • Keweenaw Peninsula International Migratory Bird Day celebration, mid-April through mid-May. Keweenaw IMBD
  • Michigan Audubon Annual Conference & Tawas Point Birding Festival, May 13 – 16.  Michigan Audubon

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Michigan Bird Conservation Initiative

2010 Ornithological Congress, April 7-10 - Petoskey, MI

Mark your calendars for the 2010 Ornithological Congress, organized by the Michigan Bird Conservation Initiative.  The 2010 Congress will be held April 7 – 10 at North Central Michigan College in Petoskey, Michigan.

Planning for the 2010 Ornithological Congress is underway with an agenda that will include a wildlife art fair and symposia on bird monitoring, tree diseases, the economics of outdoor recreation, and fostering diversity in conservation. Keep watching this page for updates as they become available.

2010 Ornithological Congress Details

Sponsorship Opportunities

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lwas_bird-100[1]The Laughing Whitefish Audubon Society of Marquette and Alger Counties holds meetings on the second Wednesday of each month (September-May) at 7 pm in Marquette at the Peter White Public Library.

Non-members are always welcome to attend.

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